coming to a close….

We have the final make to make workshop s this Tuesday. I won’t lie, it’s been manic on the organising front but it’s worth it.

The Vintage Warehouse got temporarily shut down this week just gone which meant I had to find a new place to hold the workshops, fast! Luckily the lovely people at the Creative Quarter Dwell Pop up shop on Fletcher Gate said I could use a space there…

Lots of heavy lifting and sweating and running around table-borrowing, pulled muscles and a cold which just needs to go away for one more week, we have a lovely new space to finish the workshops! The workshoppers were extremely understanding, we had to swap some dates and times around which meant some people could not continue which is a shame, but those who could continue are making some brilliant work and, they tell me, they are having a good time. And Dwell has heating so they can feel their fingers now! Thanks for the support from everyone!

The Vintage Warehouse is NOT over! Trish and Ian are working to sort that. In the mean time, have a look at some of the work coming together from the budding ‘make to make’ artists, photographers and crafters… I love it!

Kim Errington