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make to make provides free, creative workshops to anyone who wants to learn new skills, meet new people, build confidence and have a nice time while you’re at it!

‘make to make’ is a Community Interest Company which hopes to achieve three main goals..

  • Create positive experiences through the medium of creative workshops designed for enjoyment and the chance for individuals to learn new skills.
  • Support local people from all walks of life, local creative businesses and the local economy
  • Do some good! Improve peoples skills, increase self confidence, facilitate ethical business practice, make creativity more accessible and promote learning and collaboration.

Warehouse Workshops; Pilot/2013

The first set of workshops run from Friday the 15th of November – Tuesday the 10th of December 2013, Fridays through Tuesdays for four weeks.

At the end of the workshops an auction will be held at the ‘make to make’ Christmas weekend market bonanza; starting with a knees up launch party on Friday the 13th December! You can make something to take away with you too and we would encourage you to keep making so that we can support you by selling your wares in our shop.

Any items not auctioned on the Friday will be available for sale over the following weekend of the 14th and 15th Dec along with other local makers items. We auction the workshop items to ensure the workshops remain free, and it’s also a great chance to exhibit your art to the public.

Local designers and artist are employed by make to make to deliver high quality workshops. They share their skills and earn an honest living while doing so.

We are happy to support…

Photography with Kallina Brailsford

HumanCamera CIC is a recently incooperated organisation that runs participatory photography workshops within the community. We are participatory photography trained facilitators that use the photo voice methodology to run our workshops. We are also professional photographers with an MA degree in photography as well as practising artists. Refer to proposal for additional information.

Make to make workshop…

Therapeutic Photography Workshop run by a HumanCamera CIC professional photographer – a fun, exciting and interesting way to learn the principle techniques of photography, and at the same time use photography to learn more about yourself, and express your ideas in a creative way. Practice artistic photographic skills, and learn how to edit and caption your photographs to create images that communicate something about your ideas and your wishes. The photographs produced during the group workshop will form an exhibition focusing on ideas of wishes and positive change.

After completing the workshop you have the option to buy your camera for £15! Bargain.

Workshop Dates

  1. Friday 15th November
  2. Friday 22nd November
  3. Wednesday 27th November
  4. Friday 6th December

These workshops run for a full day a week from 10am – 5pm with breaks and all original printing costs are included. see work here

Art with Jim Shorthose

Having painted for many years, exhibited work in many places and painted several murals, I can offer to run workshops in painting.

Make to make workshop

I would like to run painting workshops that people without any previous skill can engage with. The workshop will include the following components,

Introducing various ideas about painting, different movements in the history of painting and the techniques they have used

Help people to design paintings they are interested in working on

Introduce ideas about the composition of paintings through some basic rules – e.g the ‘golden section’, the eye line; the vanishing point etc

Introduce people through practical work to basic techniques of paint

Help people to go from initial ideas and experiments for their paintings to finished works

Help people to describe and write about their paintings so as to help sales

Workshop Dates

  1. Monday 18th November
  2. Monday 25th November
  3. Monday 2nd December
  4. Monday 9th December

These workshops run for half a day sessions from 10am – 1pm morning sessions or 2pm – 5pm in the afternoons. he’s a cleaver bugger…

Textiles with Kimberley Errington

The Little Denim Dog started life as a craft business, transforming recycled denim and other fabrics into beautiful bespoke hand made quilts, cushions and other soft furnishings.

Since then Kim has worked with various community groups in Nottingham teaching basic sewing skills to produce collaborative quilts.

Make to make workshop

Using recycled and donated fabrics I hope to teach varying degrees and techniques of fabric manipulations and decoration.

Each participant will create a patch or patches that will eventually create the final design of the collaborative quilt.

As a group we will consider what colours, textures and effects work well together and work loosely to an agreed design brief, set by the participants.

The quilt making is meant to be a social activity that is relaxed and inclusive. Come and meet some new people while creating a beautiful finished item.

Participants can also make a smaller item to take away.

Workshop Dates

  1. Tuesday 19th November
  2. Tuesday 26th November
  3. Tuesday 3rd December
  4. Tuesday 10th December

These workshops run for half a day sessions from 10am – 1pm morning sessions or 2pm – 5pm in the afternoons.

Kim Errington