We’ve got loads experience running creative workshops, whether it be in sewing, painting, photography, screen-print, design and enterprise and much more. Our workshops are open to everyone regardless of age, background or ability. We cater for people just starting out, to people who have done stuff before and want to pick it up again and for those who may want to take things further and start their own business. Make to Make is about more than simply making a dress or painting a picture, we pride ourselves on being able to create a warm, welcoming and caring community where people feel that they belong.

Founded in 2014, Make to Make combines the benefits of creativity and social inclusion to provide communities an opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment. Not only that, we celebrate people's achievements publicly so that everyone can appreciate what is possible. Make to Make is a Social Enterprise which works with all groups and communities in the Nottingham area. 




We create positive experiences through the medium of creative workshops

We are here to help people express themselves, gain more confidence, improve their abilities and to meet new people so that they feel like an important part of our organisation and of the community which they build themselves.

Our three main aims are:  

  1. To bring people together in a social, inclusive and creative space where they begin to support each other and remember how to be themselves.

  2. We create an environment where people can learn new skills and improve the skills they already have – without judgement or pressure. It’s a very natural place to be in.

  3. We help people to have fun, be happy and to forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life. As grown-ups we too often forget the importance of being happy.

These aims ensure that we put people at the heart of our delivery and we tailor our workshops to individual’s needs and the group as a whole. From making the tea on the first morning to the final workshop and beyond, we put these aims at the center of everything we do. 

Feedback from previous participants has consistently shown that our workshops lead to improvement in self confidence, a great sense of motivation and trust, decreased feelings of loneliness and isolation, increased happiness, improvement in practical skills, development of new creative ideas.

Our aims









Kim Errington is the Founder, Managing Director and Project coordinator at Make to Make. Having studied fashion design at Nottingham Trent University, Kim soon found that the fast paced cut-throat industry was not suited to the kind of life she wanted or the values she holds.

After taking a Masters at NTU she took up a job as a support worker and ended up working in women's services in Nottingham. Whilst working with these women Kim began to deliver creative activities and immediately saw the benefits and positive effects this had on their well being, their pride and their desire to achieve more. 

With further training, a small grant and start-up support from The Princes Trust, Kim bought two more sewing machines and went for it. Make to Make was born and here we are now! 

Also on the team are Jim, Jo, Helen and Sophie. 

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