Framework Housing Association is a fab organisation in Nottingham which works to prevent homelessness and to support the most vulnerable in our city. Each year they hold an event called The Big Sleep Out, to raise awareness and funds.  Make to Make slept out and raised over £200 for the cause but we also kept everyone else’s cold little fingers warm by sewing a collective quilt. Our theme was:  

How has homelessness touched your life in some way?

Interpret that as you wish and come and express your thoughts in a creative, safe environment.

Come and keep you digits busy and warm during the Big Sleep Out this year and help us create a collaborative quilt, designed and made by all of you. Each of you can create fabric squares using basic hand and machine sewn techniques, no prior knowledge or experience of sewing needed; we will be on hand to help out.

At the end of The Big Sleep Out, everyone’s pieces were sewn together to create one collective quilt and this is displayed at Frameworks HQ