the vintage warehouse

This was brill. Massive thanks to Trish and Ian and everyone else who worked their balls off to pull this off, and thanks for having me involved. Before I go on about my stuff, a big up to everyone who exhibited and a taster of what they were doing….

(Apologies if I have missed anyone, I know I didn’t get snaps and links for all folk, but you can find more info here… )


please check em out..

Lisa, ex-plasterer turned chocolate-er extraordinaire  Deli-Cious

funky geometric t-shirts from Aunties Social Club.

Crazy Carlos and co at Boy Cries Wolf

Super cute from Lucie Pockets  and Leah Mason Gorgeous girls, gorgeous stuff.

And many many more, Tweed Hunter, Paul D Gidley’s dog’s and bees, vintage heaven.

the make to make, make-shift workshop

Trish asked me to do a bit of a sampler workshop upstairs in the space they have lent me. I have been dying to show the space. I didn’t have much time to cobble this one together but I thought it would be a good chance to exhibit the work of the practitioners who will be taking part in the pilot and try to get a few folks signed up. It was quiet in the morning so while pacing and chopping out squares of fabric to make a collaborative quilt, I was fanatically texting all my mates to come down and make it all look busy! They did come down, but luckily by the time they got there, I had real life people doing real life sewing. The star of the show was definitely Olivia, she’s 8 and by the end of it she was teaching a 31 year old man how to do it all! You got the job Livs!! Better luck next time Sam!

check it…

I had an amazing day, if I could do that every day I’d be a very happy girl.

Currently getting the rest of the workshops solidified and about to promote so busy with that.

Doing another event for Trish too, same space, watch this space…

Please support the Warehouse, Ian and Trish, along with loads of hardworking volunteers and contributors are doing it and making it work INDEPENDENTLY! Spread the word, or if you’re rich, give them loads of money so they can keep it open. See more here about the other stuff they do…

Off to try and switch my brain off…

buenos notches

Kim Errington